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LEAP is a consumer-centric product which is focused on serving retailers and brands to connect with customers directly. The product combines location-based services, marketing services and analytics services for providing intelligence through the platform for better marketing campaigns and improved customer engagement. The platform connects all the possibilities where the customer interacts with the point of sales system or marketing efforts.

The platform is collaboration and integration of smaller modules like location based services, analytics, marketing, positioning etc. for gathering and providing intelligence; along with improving customer engagements through advertising and marketing modules.


What Can You Do with LEAP

Hyper Contextual Targeting | Geo-aware Targeting | Place Based Targeting | Segment based Targeting | Geo-fencing | Geo-Conquesting

Leap is consumer centric platform that connects brand owners, retailers and corporates to their customers using location based services. Our platform offers personalized Interest based information to customers at the right place and right time.

Leap focuses on improving the shopper-brand experience, customer engagement and business with smarter decision making.


Control your brand’s story and connect directly to consumers with LEAP - a direct to consumer solution.

LEAP brings a sense of entertainment and encourage consumers with deals and rewards through surveys, feedback, AR/VR Apps, gamification etc. It is a disruptive location based digital advertisement platform which empowers the business to boost their sales increasing the consumer outreach and engagement.

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Gateway Group is a new age group business enterprise consisting of multiple portfolio ventures and brands across 17 countries worldwide. We deliver incremental business value to global enterprises that helps them to create a bright future. Over the last two decades of business excellence, we have carved out a niche for ourselves in the global business ecosystem. Our value additions are tangible and measurable.

Gateway Group was established in the year 1997 with a singular mission to help our customers win in the markets they operate in. With a collective wisdom of founders together with a unique team, we went on spreading our wings across the globe with specific customer winning stories. Today, we have clientele from across 30+ countries, growing consistently month by month.

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