‘Social media marketers know that engaging users is not an easy task. A personalized app is a more relevant approach in the customer-centric retail landscape.’

Retaining an existing customer is more important than earning a new customer. The biggest mistake brands make when advertising is that they do not consider existing customers. There is nothing wrong in focusing on new customers yet, neglecting the existing customer base is not helpful. The right way is to keep engaging existing and new customer with a personalized approach that will also help you to build your brand value. Here, we have the top five ways to increase customer engagement and make your brand visible.  

Know Your Audience

Before you start creating a marketing campaign for your target audience, there is a need to understand and know them thoroughly. What is your target audience and what matters to your customers are vital in order to create smarter and focused marketing campaigns. It helps to tap the right note; turning out to be one of the key factors for the success of your marketing campaign. Users’ data can provide relevant insights into decide digital advertising platform for retailers.

Give Personalization Experience

Customer Lifetime Value is directly proportional to the level of interaction with the customers. With constantly evolving customer preferences, there is a need to target your audience with more personalized offers. Location-based advertising for local businesses is one of those approaches when users get local offers and promotional content as a personalized experience with local flavor. Food delivery apps are the perfect example to understand this; Information line the best food joints, local offers, cuisine, etc. is used to target local users.

Stay Relevant On Time

Social media platforms are trendsetters, especially when trends are changing with a single post or hashtag. The constant battle to stay relevant and that too on time makes it a critical step for marketers, you need to create content that resonates with time. There is always a first-mover advantage for a marketer who initiates a conversation with its users on social media platforms. Marketers have to keep an eye on the relevancy with any strategy to get it noticed timely.

Approach Users with Relevant Messages

It is essential for content to be entertaining and value addition for users that helps to build trust too. With an emotional connection relevant to your users is enough to get a place in their life routine. Usually, marketers send promotional messages and offer to any group of users without much of relevancy. Approach users with a relevant message that is useful for them, provides them with the required information, and solves their queries to fix the problem.

Give Omni-channel Experience

Just give it a brief look over LEAP platform, a location-enabled advertising platform capable to offer one of the most promising omni-channel space. First, it has the availability on multiple platforms with a more personalized approach. Secondly, it bridges the gap between brands and users in this space to reach all possible target audiences. A perfect example of omni-channel experience for end users as well as for brands. In short, it is all about making a customer’s life easier by increasing the reach using multiple modes of communication.