Location-based services (LBS) is a powerful way to enhance customer loyalty and encourage upsells. Google Maps, Hoppr and Zomato are a few popular apps that are offering location-based services across the world. It is one of the most persuaded ways for the business to reach out to their customers with real-time offers, information, and eventually increasing walk-ins to their stores.

Companies capture the purchasing pattern of their buyers analyzing the entire customer journey. For providing an end-to-end experience, they need to track every movement of the customer during their buying journey and that’s where Omni-channel marketing comes into the picture.

So, how can Omni-channel marketing fill this gap? Let’s get to know more about the nitty-gritties of Omni-channel marketing.

Understanding Consumers with Location Data

Today’s customers want to have complete control over their buying decisions, they want to buy only those products and services that best suit their requirements with the option of buying them anytime they want. That too, through the channel they wish to buy from, at their own convenience.

A person who wants to buy a pair of shoes online may check out the information about the product on the mobile app and place an order on the website. Hence, the success of business in today’s marketing scenario is not dependent on any particular department. It can be any department like customer service, sales or marketing.

The Omni-location Channel

Location data is a must to have within an Omni-channel environment. However, it relies on the ability of the retailer to keep track of their customer journey and leveraging the information in making their shopping experience rewarding.

To make this possible, several businesses integrate their location-based service with Omni-channel marketing for better customer experience and engagement. 

New-age Consumer Demands

Today, customers want to have complete control over their buying decisions. A successful LBS in Omni-channel marketing strategy requires retailers to keep their eye on the pulse of their customers. Target customer learning their habits and lifestyle based on their location. Identifying key demographic groups, understanding where they are concentrated and how they engage the world around them.

For example, Starbucks, like a coffee shop, ensures that it keeps bringing changes to the décor, beverages and food menu. But they are revolutionizing things with the new wave of Omni-location advertising. It takes their customer loyalty and experience to the next level. When any user having Starbucks app passes from outside the cafe, they would receive push notification of regarding recent offers or discounts. This brings along a lot of perks for regular coffee drinkers and loyal customers. 

Retail is a location-centric business and location data is far more powerful than most retailers realize. As a brand owner or retailer, you can turn your stories into experiences with LEAP. A location-enabled advertising platform that allows you to peep in your customer’s mind.  Understands their behaviour and provides a meaningful shopping experience.

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